Burnook Angus

Welcome to the Burnook Angus Stud

Burnook Angus Stud has been a long term member of the Angus Society, as the principals have long believed in supporting the breed in order to improve developments for its long term market position.

We have been involved in the beef industry for in excess of 100 years mainly in the commercial production area however recognise the efforts of the stud area of the industry.

My father remembers when there were "two pens" in most markets with Angus cattle 50 years ago and now they dominate all sales.

Not only are they the dominant breed in sale yards but most consumers are recognising Angus as a superior beef option.

The dispersal of "Coolana" gave us an opportunity to acquire some excellent genetics to form the initial stock for our registered Angus stud.

We have also added “Witherswood” bloodlines into our herd to add further performance and diversity.

The dispersal resulted in mixed feelings: a stalwart of the industry was exiting however, it was exciting for us to take up the baton of the opportunity to take a small part of that amazing herd into the future.

The impressive things about these cattle are their hardiness, structure and doing abilities. Why do we say this ? Over the years we have bought "Coolana" bloodline cattle and they truly perform impressively.

That is what we are going to build on - developing cattle with no secrets and deliver value to those who invest in our Burnook Angus bloodlines.


Mark Stoney